Saturday, November 19, 2011

Tips for MUET ~ (simplified)

Assalamualaikum... Here are some tips for MUET...

Paper 1: Listening (30 min)

This paper is divided into 3 parts...

First, you'll be given 1 minute to read all the questions...
For each part, the invigilator will play a recording...
Then you'll be given 1 minute to answer the questions- objective & subjective...
(*note that your answer must be LESS than 5 words for the subjective part)
After that, the recording will be played again for you to check your answers..

These steps will be repeated for each part for this paper... The key is to LISTEN very carefully...

"Paper" 2: Speaking 

Some useful language :

Read the format and tips here :

Paper 3: Reading ( 1 h 30 min )
You'll have about 6 passages to read with 45 questions to answer... Can't help much in this part, try to read more English stuffs.

*note that the question paper can be taken out from the exam hall, so try to find a friend who has already taken MUET one session before you and ask for their question paper before they throw it away...haha..

Paper 4: Writing ( 1 h 30 min ) 

Task 1: Requires you to write based on stimuli given WITHIN 150 to 200 words...

example :

Task 2: Requires you to write on a topic discussed MORE than 350 words...

basic writing structure:

samples :


That's all... Hope these will help you even at the very least... ^_^

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